Final BETTER Hackathon in the 3rd week of October 2020


adobestock-120362934.jpgAfter the successful Joint EO Hackathon spearheaded by BETTER last year in Frascati, we are now finalizing a second BETTER standalone event. Given the circumstances and travel restrictions, we will offer an interactive workshop in place of a physical hackathon in the form of a series of independent webinars, supported by technical BETTER consortium members. The advantage of this setup is that you can participate from the comfort of your home/office, at zero cost!

The interactive workshop will take place over a number of days in the 3rd week of October and will consist of 3 independent exercises – such that participants are free to register and participate only in the ones that are of interest. The exercises, for which preparatory material and requirements will be circulated in advance (including, where necessary a pre-recorded preparatory webinar), can be carried out as a team or individually. After an appropriate time for participants to carry out the tasks, solutions will be discussed jointly.


Overview of the final BETTER Hackathon exercises:


1. Enhancing Agricultural Mapping with BETTER Pipelines

Exercise owner: Consortium member WFP

Description: The exercise will evaluate the impact of the usage SAR and of filtered S2 data upon the quality of crop type mapping outputs against a benchmark based on unfiltered S2 data only.

Target Participants: Students, Software developers, Data scientists, EO-developers, anyone with interest in the topic.


2.  Comparing static and dynamic effects of earthquakes on the ground surfaces

Exercise owner: Consortium member ETHZ

Description: The focus of the exercise is to find a convenient way of exploitation of Co-seismic interferograms. The idea is to produce geocoded maps combining the important results.

Target Participants: Students in remote sensing / geophysics/ data sciences.  
Time requirements: Half day (4 hours).


3. SAR-based change detection: enhanced analysis and postprocessing

Exercise owner: Consortium member SatCen

Description: The goal is to identify classification from a SAR RGB. The complexity of the exercise will depend on the audience skills (from a simple threshold application to a clustering algorithm).

Target Participants: Students, Software developers, Data scientists, EO-developers, anyone with interest in the topic.

Time requirements: Half day (4 hours)


More details and specific dates stay tuned via our social media and website - we are looking forward to your participation!

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