BETTER GeoHazards: 2nd Cycle Challenges

Landslides and land subsidence are key in improving forecast and early warning systems for natural disasters and highly demanding in terms of EO data volume, due to its spatiotemporal scale and the resolution of the required imagery. In the context of these challenges, BETTER has set itself the task of deriving information on volcanic activity, earthquakes, landslides, and land subsidence for forecasting and early warning of these natural disasters.

In the second cycle of the thematic area of GeoHazards, three additional challenges have been identified.  Below you can find the specific topics that are addressed in this cycle.

The goal of the 4th GeoHazards challenge (1st one in the 2nd cycle) is to implement systematicadobestock-2283198-(1).jpg monitoring of surface deformation at volcanoes showing signs of activity by taking advantage of Sentinel-1 radar imagery. Based on data from the Smithsonian Institute and the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the interferometric processing of Sentinel-1 is automatically triggered. 

The aim of the 5th GeoHazards challenge (2nd one in the 2nd cycle) is to implement ad-hoc feature tracking algorithms to be applied to Sentinel-1 (radar) and Sentinel-2 (multispectral) satellite imagery. It helps to solve the problem that radar interferometry cannot be used if the surface deformation is too large due to the decorrelation of the SAR signal.

The goal of the 6th GeoHazards challenge (3rd one in the 2nd cycle) is to implement a pipeline where ETHZ routines to model surface deformation at volcanoes are used systematically to provide an interpretation of  DInSAR results. The evaluation of the information contained in the radar interferometry is a part of this challenge.

As the pipelines developed to address the above three challenges become more mature, results will also be added to the above three linked individual challenge pages.


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