BETTER Geospatial Intelligence: 2nd Cycle Challenges

The rapidly increasing amount and variety of data coming from satellites and other sources in Space- and Security domains result in new issues such as the management and exploitation of extremely large and complex datasets. In these challenges, BETTER explores the added value provided by Big Data methods in developing products and applications.

In the second cycle of the thematic area of Geospatial Intelligence, three additional challenges have been identified.  Below you can find the specific topics that are addressed in this cycle.


The 4th Geospatial Intelligence challenge (1st one in the 2nd cycle) deals with detecting Land Cover Changes. Therefore, it uses radar data with a specific sensor type. SAR sensors are a valuable tool to detect changes over man-made and natural structures: especially in equatorial regions, where clouds are present throughout the whole year thus limiting the use of optical sensors, SAR sensors could be used as a complementary source of information. 

In the 5th Geospatial Intelligence challenge (2nd one in the 2nd cycle) Sentinel-2 data are used to identify minerals from illegal mining activities (e.g. hydrothermal alteration associated with gold prospect locations). Illegal mining detection is also important to understand other illicit related activities (e.g. pollutants discharge).

In the 6th Geospatial Intelligence challenge (3rd one in the 2nd cycle) satellite data serve for the assessment of Illicit Deforestation. The Sentinel-2 data are processed for the extraction of vegetation and bare soil indexes, in order to assess (with higher accuracy respect to the standard vegetation analysis) vegetated areas and to monitor potential deforestation activities.

As the pipelines developed to address the above three challenges become more mature, results will also be added to the above three linked individual challenge pages.


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