BETTER Project


BETTER is implementing a Big Data intermediate service layer focused on creating user-centric services and tools, while addressing the full data lifecycle associated with EO data, to bring more downstream users to the EO market and maximise exploitation of Copernicus data and information services. These customized solutions, denominated as Data Pipelines, are driven by a large number of Data Challenges to be set by users deeply involved in addressing key Societal Challenges.
The main objective of BETTER is to facilitate the usage of large volume and heterogeneous datasets by downstream users, so that they can focus on the analysis of the extraction of the potential knowledge within the data and not on the processing of the data itself.


Data Challenges

Earth Observation data is used more and more to help solve global societal challenges, by itself or integrated with other data streams. Accordingly, stakeholders have to deal with a large volume of diverse data sources that sometimes needs to be processed and made available within a short period. This defines a Data Challenge in BETTER. During the project, challenges are introduced by promoters addressing key societal areas, such as Food Security, Geospatial Intelligence, and Geohazards. A total of 36 challenges will be proposed, focused on problems such as detection of droughts, assessment of suspicious movements in borders, or early warning of significant earthquakes.

Data Challenges


From Societal Challenges to Data Pipelines




BETTER is improving the way Big Data service developers interact with end-users. After defining the challenges, the promoters validate the pipeline requirements and co-design the solution with a dedicated development team in a BETTER workshop. During the implementation, promoters can continuously test and validate the pipelines. Later, the implemented pipelines
will be used by the public in the scope of Hackathons, enabling the use of specific solutions in other areas and the collection of additional user feedback.





Project Funding and Deliverables

The BETTER project is funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no 776280.

All BETTER project public deliverables are available on the H2020 website


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