EO indicators for global Early Warning and Seasonal Monitoring

3rd Food Security Challenge (FS3)


Challenge Description

Earth Observation data, specifically low to medium biophysical indicators (NDVI, LST, LAI, fAPAR, RFE) are in widespread usage in Seasonal Monitoring and Early Warning activities. WFP runs one such system (Seasonal Monitor) to cover its areas of interest. The system is based on RFE (rainfall estimates) and NDVI produced at about 5Km resolution.It is desirable to i) evaluate the value added of so far not utilised parameters such as LST, and biophysicals such as fAPAR, LAI, etc. and ii) to simplify the access to these datasets,in particular enabling the access of Regional Bureaus and some country offices to user ready outputs.

The primary objective here is to serve WFP regions.



Availability expected mid-2019.


The Food Security Challenges
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