Exploitation of co-seismic DInSAR interferograms

2nd GeoHazards Challenge (GH2)


Challenge Description

Systematic processing of SAR data is a major trend due to the increased data availability and spatial/temporal coverage, e.g., the German Space Agency (DLR)'s systematic processing of Sentinel-1 data.

Accordingly, interferograms already generated and stored could be selected (filtered) starting from an input list (catalogue) defining date and time as well as coordinates of an earthquake event.

After identification of the relevant interferograms, basic tools to measure results characteristics are necessary, i.e. extension of the deforming area, identification of linear features, etc. This information can later be useful for visual data mining as well as to obtain training datasets for machine learning algorithms used for automatic identification of specific features on SAR interferograms associated to earthquake events.



Availability expected in late 2019 and will be communicated via the website.


The GeoHazards Challenges
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