External Challenges in coordination with BETTER 


In addition to the 3 yearly challenges per thematic area an additionaladobestock-231153380-min.jpeg number of challenges and ensuing Data Pipelines will be coordinated by BETTER in collaboration with external entities who assume the role of an 'External Challenge Promoter'.  Under the 'Extending the Market ' category, additional BETTER challenges are open to all entities and all thematic areas, e.g.:

If you are interested in this possibility, please Contact Us!

Below is a list of the external challenges addressed by BETTER so far (starting from the second cycle).



Extending the Market Data Challenges and Results


EM1 - Change Detection in Rural Localities for Semi-Automated Border Surveillance Applied to Insecure Areas in Lake Chad Basin

The aim of this challenge is to explore the possibilities to implement semi-automated border surveillance by detecting potential areas favoring smuggling activities.

EM2 - Satellite observations of oil sheen of natural oil seepage in Disko Bay, West Greenland

The goal of the Challenge is to detect oil sheen on the water surface.

EM3 - Crop Loss Detection using NDVI anomalies

The goal of the Challenge is to have a first evaluation of crop loss based on time series analysis of a vegetation spectral index derived from satellite images.

EM4 - Italian Volcanoes - Surface Temperature and Hot Spot detection

The goal of the Challenge is to estimate the Italian Volcanoes surface temperature and to generate a delineation map of the detected hotspot by satellite data having different spatial resolution

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