FS6 Cloud and gap free high resolution, high frequency satellite data

6th Food Security Challenge (FS6)


Challenge Description

This challenge aims to overcome a significant problem in the usage of high-resolution optical data, which is that, for many areas of the globe, cloudiness, haze, and gaps arising from revisit time limitations reduce the usefulness and information content of these data streams, in particular Sentinel-2 (but also Landsat-8), both by producing noisy seasonal profiles and by introducing gaps in the time series at a specific location.

A smoothing filter developed by WFP (Whittaker filter) is in principle able to minimize most if not all of these problems. Applied to Sentinel-2 it produces a noise and gap-free product, with the advantage that the output can be produced at any arbitrary time interval. This may significantly improve the usability of Sentinel-2 data and could provide much more accurate land cover classifications, for example for crop type mapping applications that WFP is engaged in.


The challenge is focused on the implementation of the filter – the initial application was focused on medium resolution data, but Sentinel-2 much higher spatial resolution and correspondingly much higher data volumes pose difficulties since the Whittaker filter is computationally intensive.


The results below are divided into Software Repositories, Data Processing Pipeline Services, and Data Product Repositories.  In case you would like to get in touch about specific results, please use the indicated reference code.


Software Repositories

There are two categories of software repositories generated for the Challenge:

GitLab repositories are hosting the reference software code, for use by the team members of a challenge only (restricted access),
GitHub repositories are hosting the public software code (mirrors), for engagement and collaborative work with the broad community of software developers (public access).

Follow the links below to proceed to one or the other, and find an "Ellip Workflows (ewf)" software application implementing a data processing function.
You can adapt this software to your own context, commit a contribution on the related repository, or engage with the BETTER consortium to run it for a specific purpose (new area of interest, ...) by requesting Cloud resources to support (at) terradue.com

Description Access Link Reference

Regular Sentinel-2 smoothed and gap-filled NDVI time series

Available on request   WFP-02-03-01
Regular Sentinel-2 smoothed and gap-filled reflectances Available on request   WFP-02-03-02

Data Processing as-a-Service

There are application packages available for the deployment as

Description of pipeline service Link

Data processing pipeline

There is a Trigger App & coordinator, ready for the production via Terradue Ops or via Ellip notebooks workspace for 'any' Scaler user. There is no dedicated Infohub App available yet for Scaler users. Initial results from validation tests are available on the Data Store.


On-demand processing

Private access from dedicated Infohub App not yet available 



Data Product Repositories

In the table below you can find the data product repositories. In every repository, you can find a catalogue entry as well as a visualisation of the results.

Description Link Reference

1. Catalog entry for discovery (OWS Context format)



2. Data store client App for results visualisation

Not available yet




1. Catalog entry for discovery (OWS Context format)



2. Data store client App for results visualisation


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