Identification of landslide events after large earthquakes

8th GeoHazards Challenge (GH8)


Challenge Description

Secondary earthquake hazards, as landslides, produce in many cases more damages than the main seismic event. The goal of this challenge is to exploit a state-of-the-art methodology to identify landslides in EO radar imagery. Initial validation will be performed on 3 recent events: -South Island, New Zealand, earthquake event 13/11/2016; Kumamoto prefecture, Japan, earthquake event 15/4/2016; Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan, earthquake event 5/9/2018. The pipeline will run systematically when a new earthquake > M5 will be detected in the USGS pager. The promoter of this challenge is the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ).



Image: Earthquake-triggered landslide events. Rapid mapping using Sentinel-1 radar data over the area affected by the Kaikura earthquake, New Zealand.

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