Thematic Indexes 3 (Thermal​ ​Indexes​ ​-e.g.​ ​identify​ ​temperature​ ​variations)

8th Geospatial Intelligence Challenge (GI8)


Challenge Description

This challenge deals with the detection of thermal variation in satellite images to detect fire fronts. The use of Sentinel-2 data has proven to be particularly effective, thanks to the presence of different shortwave bands with a strong response during fires. The outcome of this challenge is to create ready-to-analysis products with respect to a thermal combination and the highlight of the fire front. The challenge aims to identify fire patterns and expansion, in order to support authorities for an appropriate response. The promoter of this challenge is the European Union Satellite Centre.



Image: Sentinel-2 picture acquired on New South Wales (Australia) on 31/12/2019 (left): the derived fire front map (right) highlights the hot spot areas with a binary representation.

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