Between the 7-8th of November 2019, 45 technical and EO community members met in Frascati, Italy for the H2020 EO Big Data Hackathon. As one of the five EU-funded projects that jointly organised the hackathon (BETTER, CANDELA, EOPEN, OpenEO, EO-LEARN), BETTER was also responsible for the main coordination of the event. The Hackathon included sessions covering all 5 projects, where participants could interact and have a hands-on experience with the projects’ results.


Missed the Hackathon? Try out the exercises carried out in the BETTER session using the links below!

The BETTER session, which attracted around 15 participants showcased three hands-on exercises:

Slides and material available on the project's SlideShare and GitHub accounts. In addition to the slides introducing the overall Joint Hackathon, slides showcasing or guiding developers to carry out exercises 1 and 2 above are available. In addition, material  (data, scripts, notebooks) required to carry out exercises 2 and 3 above are also included in a specific repository. For more specific information,  questions or instructions, please get in touch with us

In addition, a public project deliverable reporting on the Hackathon's results, will shortly be published. The picture below shows BETTER Members from Fraunhofer IAIS conducting exercise 2. 


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