Land cover changes and inter-annual vegetation performance

2nd Food Security Challenge (FS2)


Challenge Description

WFP’s interventions are not only related to emergency or crisis responses. WFP programmes include interventions that aim to enhance the resilience of communities and the increase in community assets. These are known as FFA (Food for Assets) and may include things like building of dams, restoration of irrigation capacity, afforestation, etc,. WFP has an interest in monitoring not only if the asset was built, but also the degree to which the panned outcomes have been realized (e.g. X ha converted to irrigated vegetable gardens).

On the other hand, the emergence of large scale conflict in areas of WFP interest, highlighted the need to provide a quantification of the amount of cropland abandoned due to conflict. Analysis of optical imagery (Sentinel-2 and Landsat archives) can provide a tool for automated land cover change detection, helping WFP to quantify:

  1. The impact of WFP restoration activities on their local environment (irrigation canals, land rehabilitation, dams, roads, etc.),
  2. The impact of conflicts on agricultural resources in hard-to-access areas (cropland abandonment, land degradation).



Availability expected mid-2019.


The Food Security Challenges
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