Large surface displacements measured with feature tracking

5th GeoHazards Challenge (GH5)


Challenge Description

When the surface deformation due to seismic events, volcanic activity, glacier motion, and/or slope instability is too large (meters or tens of meters) radar interferometry cannot be used due to decorrelation of SAR signal. In this case, feature tracking techniques can be applied. These approaches are convenient because they can be applied in a very similar way to different data sources, as for example optical and radar imagery. The aim of this challenge is to implement ad-hoc feature tracking algorithms to be applied to Sentinel-1 (radar) and Sentinel-2 (multispectral) satellite imagery.





The results below are divided into Software Repositories, Data Processing Pipeline Services and Data Product Repositories.  In case you would like to get in touch about specific results, please use the indicated reference code.


Software Repositories

There are currently X Software repositories in the area of Large surface displacements measured with feature tracking. All of them available on request. GitLab contains the data. Follow the link below to proceed to the corresponding platform. To run this application you will need a Developer Cloud Sandbox that can be requested at support (at)

Description Access Link Reference


Available on request   ETHZ-02-02-01
  Available on request   ETHZ-02-02-01

Data Processing Pipeline Services

(Note: The following description applies for all of the four repositories ETHZ-02-02-01- ETHZ-)

There are application packages available for the deployment as

Description of pipeline service Link

Data processing pipeline

There is a Trigger App & coordinator, ready for the production via Terradue Ops or via Ellip notebooks workspace for 'any' Scaler user. There is no dedicated Infohub App available yet for Scaler users. Initial results from validation tests are available on the Data Store.


On-demand processing

Private access from dedicated Infohub App not yet available 



Data Product Repositories

In the table below you can find the data product repositories. In every repository you can find a catalogue entry as well as a visualisation of the results.

Description Link Reference

1. Catalog entry for discovery (OWS Context format)

Links need to be adopted, not available yet



2. Data store client App for results visualisation

Available on Ellip




1. Catalog entry for discovery (OWS Context format)

Links  needs to be adopted, not available yet



2. Data store client App for results visualisation

Not available yet



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