hackathon-ganz-klein.jpgOutcome of the 2nd BETTER H2020 EO Big Data Hackathon

During the second and final H2020 EO Big Data Hackathon (22-29th of October 2020), over 20 distinct participants attended one or more of the four exercises. Participants virtually met technical BETTER partner members carry out practical exercises that build on the BETTER results, including the developed pipelines. Given the circumstances and travel restrictions, the event was held completely online. On the plus side, this meant that anyone interested could join the free events without further travel effort and additional costs. 

The Hackathon included four exercises, organized by SatCen, ETHZ, WFP (the three BETTER challenge promoters) and Fraunhofer IAIS (one of the 3 supporting technical partners), respectively. The first three were supported by technical partners Terradue and Deimos.

Missed the Hackathon? Follow the recorded introductions, the presented slides and use the material in our repositories to have a hand at the exercises yourself!

A public project deliverable reporting on the Hackathon's results will also be published. 

For more specific information,  questions, or instructions, please get in touch with us.

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