SANSA 0.4 (Semantic Analytics Stack) Released

The SANSA Stack is one of the earmarked big data analytics components tsansa-stack-architecture.pngo be employed in the BETTER data pipelines. The Smart Data Analytics group announced yesterday SANSA 0.4 - the fourth release of the Scalable Semantic Analytics Stack.

SANSA employs distributed computing via Apache Spark and Flink in order to allow scalable machine learning, inference and querying capabilities for large knowledge graphs.



You can find the FAQ and usage examples at

Noteworthy SANSA Parser performance has been improved significantly e.g. DBpedia  2016-10 can be loaded in <100 seconds on a 7 node cluster. Changes and deployment instructions are documented on the SDA homepage

SANSA has been developed with the support of the next projects: Big Data Europe, HOBBIT, SAKE, Big Data Ocean, SLIPO, QROWD, BETTER, BOOST and SPECIAL, for a full and updated list of related projects please visit the contribution page

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